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Amex eGift Cards

Amex eGift Cards
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Amex eGift Cards
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Buy a Amex eGift Cards With Bitcoin

Take advantage of the American Express gift card that can be used anywhere American Express is accepted. You can use the card to make purchases online or in stores. When you're ready to checkout, simply enter the card number and PIN at the merchant.

The American Express gift card is one of the most versatile and convenient ways to shop. Whether you're looking for a last-minute gift or want to treat yourself, the card can be used at thousands of stores nationwide or online.

No Hidden Fees

Once the gift card has been bought, there are no hidden fees. American Express will not charge you any dormancy, service, or inactivity fees. American Express is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and wants your experience with our gift cards to be as seamless as possible.

Their customer service is available 24/7, so if there are any issues with your card, they will be more than happy to help.

Widely Accepted Gift Card

The American Express gift card is one of the most popular and widely accepted gift cards on the market. You can use it at thousands of locations across America, including online and in-store retailers.

Some of the most popular places to use the card include grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, and restaurants. The card is also accepted at many major hotels, airlines, and car rental companies. With so many options for using the card, it's no wonder that it's one of the top choices for gifts.

Pay With Crypto

You can now buy an American Express gift card with Bitcoin and other leading crypto coins! This is a great way to shop with your favorite cryptocurrency while still being able to use the card at any store that accepts American Express.

To buy an Amex gift card with Bitcoin, simply select "Bitcoin" as your payment method during checkout. If you'd prefer to use a different cryptocurrency, just select the one you prefer. Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a digital code that can be used to redeem the card.

Delivered Instantly as an eGift

One of the best things about the American Express gift card is that it can be delivered instantly as an eGift. This means that you can last-minute shop for your friends or family without having to worry about the card getting lost in the mail.

To send an eGift, simply enter the recipient's email address and choose a design. You can also add a personal message before sending it. The eGift will be sent immediately and can be redeemed online or in stores.

No Expiry Date

Another great perk of the American Express gift card is that it doesn't expire. This means you can use it whenever you want, without worrying about losing its value over time. There is a "valid thru" date with each gift card, and the card will be unusable once this ends. However, American Express will issue another gift card with the same balance for no extra fee.

To check the balance of your card or order a new card, simply visit the American Express website or call customer service.

Add to Mobile Wallet

The American Express gift card can also be added to your mobile wallet for even more convenience. This lets you to use the card with Apple Pay, Android Pay, or Samsung Pay. You can also use it to make purchases in stores or online. The mobile wallet is a great way to keep track of your spending and manage your account. Plus, it's a secure way to pay for purchases.

To add the card to your mobile wallet, follow the email instructions with the eGift card. You can also find more information on the American Express website. With the mobile wallet, you can enjoy all the benefits of the American Express gift card without having to carry it around with you.

Grab An American Express Gift Card Today!

If you're looking for a gift that is sure to please, look no further than the American Express gift card. With so many ways to use it, it's the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you're shopping for a birthday, holiday, or just because, the Amex gift card is a great option. Buy American Express Gift Card with crypto today and enjoy all the benefits of this convenient and widely accepted payment method.

How it Works

Follow the simple instructions below to use your gift card or to check your card’s balance.

The card is a non-reloadable American Express Prepaid Gift Card that works immediately after purchase. You do not need to activate the card and it is accepted at most US websites that accept American Express Gift Cards.

To use this card, simply enter the card code, security code (or CVC) and expiration date when paying at the website of your choice. This card cannot be used for recurring subscriptions or bill pay and may require registration by some online merchants. Simply call +1-888-846-4308 to register your card.

Transaction fees or temporary authorization charges may apply, depending on the online store and payment provider policy. Make sure to know your card’s balance before making a payment.

*See Cardholder Agreement at Amex Gift Card website for further details.

How to Check Your Balance:

  • Visit:
  • Sign in by entering your 15 digit card code, the expiration date and the security code of your gift card.
  • Enter your email address in the bottom field to register (optional).
  • Check the verification box and click “Sign In”.
  • Your balance will be shown on the next page.
--Or-- call Customer Service at +1-888-846-4308

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Frequently asked questions

That's the great thing about American Express. It is a recognizable name associated with thousands of online stores and brands. It is preferable to transfer your US Dollars into a more usable form if you have funds in a less accepted payment form. To find out more about where you can use American Express, just visit their website. To make a purchase, just enter the card number and security code, as well as the expiration date. The merchant will then authorize the payment and the funds will be deducted from your total, just like a normal credit or debit card.
Once the funds in the card are depleted, you will not be able to reload it, but simply buy another American Express Gift Card with USD Coin (USDC) or a similar payment method. You will receive a new gift card via email with a new number and expiration date.
The virtual Amex gift card does not have an expiry like a voucher, and you cannot lose the funds in the card, however, each card does have a validity date. This means that once the validity date is reached, the card will no longer work and you will need to contact American Express to get a new gift card issued, which is free of charge. Just call +1-888-846-4308 to get a replacement card.
Yes, it does. However, sometimes Amazon puts a temporary authorization hold of $1 on the card when it is used for the first time. Additionally, you will need to ensure that the entire amount can be paid for with the gift card, as split tenders are not permitted. Another option is to use your American Express Gift Card to purchase an Amazon Gift Card.